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Base Shirt Color
Select White or Color for your shirt, White shirts are less expensive than Colored shirts. (Black is a Color)

Begin by Selecting your Base shirt Color above, next by clicking the box in the grid below which matches your order.

For example: If you are ordering 75 Tee Shirts that have 3 colors (Green, Red, and Blue) on the front, and the back, then you have a total of 3 colors. You will click the 3rd box in from '72 to 95'. You will then select Front and Back in the Location Section

24 to 35
36 to 47
48 to 71
72 to 95
96 to 143
144 to 287
288 +

If your order requires more colors please contact us
directly at johnny@killergraphics.net for a special quote. or call 931-552-3135

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